Cupboards are a type of home storage solution, generally used to store food, or keep crockery and clothing free of dust. Through the ages cupboards have been called by numerous names, from wardrobes, armoires, ambries and even almeries. The word Cupboard is now the general accepted term used to describe this general storage facility. There are many different types of cupboards, from display cabinets to built-in cupboards for the home and bedroom, commonly found in kitchens bathrooms and bedrooms, cupboards are a household requirement. However, cupboards that are not built-in, or freestanding make a beautiful decoration piece. Sometimes homes come with just not enough storage space and putting in a built-in cupboard can be a costly and permanent structure. Craft Creativity have a wide range of refurbished or restored freestanding cupboards, hand crafted to be a one-of-a-kind piece to really bring a room together.