Tables originated as early as ancient Egyptian times. These early tables were no more than a simple stone platform used to keep objects off the floor. The Chinese used early tables for writing and arts, whereas the Greeks used tables for eating and bringing people together. With so many different types of tables it may be difficult to decide the correct one to choose. As tables come in many different sizes, shapes and forms. Made from all different types of materials, such as steel, marble, granite and more, with the most common being made from wood. From the large dining room tables, coffee tables to the petit side tables. Choosing a table can be a tedious task. However, no matter the size, each table requires a certain amount of care and maintenance. Craft Creativity are renown for the refurbishment of old or even antique wooden tables and reselling them at very competitive prices. Craft Creativity have a wide range of refurbished stock including dining room tables, coffee tables, side tables, picnic tables and many more.